Our high capacity infrastructure enables us to be very competitive in the hydro-electric and steam turbine manufacturing

Person Behind Innovation

Dear Customers,
It is my pleasure to communicate with you for the first time since assuming the responsibility as Technical Director of Rakemp Turbines.
Since founded in 2013 (Formerly as Terra Power Plant Systems), Rakemp has achieved new levels of growth through implementing a wide range of steam turbines for power projects and positioned itself as one of the leading engineering industries in India & across the globe for its unmatched supplies & services.
After shouldering the responsibility at Rakemp, I would like to leverage my experience and aid Rakemp to achieve new project success in Single-stage and Multi-Stage Steam Turbines from 50 K W – 12,000 K W., with turbine features like, Straight Back Pressure, Straight Condensing, Extraction / Bleed Cum Back Pressure, Extraction / Bleed Cum Condensing Steam Turbines.
With our experienced workforce and our own infrastructure, we, Rakemp, always welcome the opportunities afforded to us to demonstrate our products and services. We will continue to strive and accomplish projects by overcoming challenging business environments like unavoidable risks, challenging schedules, unpredictability in the market, etc. Our overriding objective is to treat our esteemed clients as our partners to mutually benefit their relationship with our businesses. Hence, the success of our clients becomes our pride, which is Rakemp’s Global corporate slogan “Your Success, Our Pride”.
Ramakant Inamdar,Technical Director+91 95133 05075ramakant@rakempturbines.com


Rakemp steam turbines are unique in design, energy conservation turbines to cater to several industries and applications. Rakemp RST series are designed with robust construction, simply supported, high efficiency, and simplified systems, suitable for saturated steam. The objective of the RST series is to meet power generation, auxiliary drive application, and waste energy recovery such as a replacement for PRDS and pressure reducing valves.
Design features:
  • Robust construction
  • High efficiency
  • Simplified systems
  • Suitable for saturated steam - Adaptable, space-saving arrangement
  • Modular arrangements for fast installation and service

Our RST is suitable to the below segments :
  • Chemicals & Distilleries
  • Rice mills
  • Paper mills
  • Edible oil mills
  • Textile mills
  • Printing & Dyeing
  • Pharmaceuticals

Salient features of RST
  • Skid-mounted – A compact and unique design
  • Quick start – Easy maintenance
  • Low cost – faster ROI
  • Gearbox & Governor – optional
  • Various levels of Automation – Optimising the cost
  • Dual side exhaust
  • Induction generator & Synchronous generator application


Rakemp offers Total solutions for Mini & Micro Hydro Power plants, Micro Hydro Power comes as a solution providing green energy to meet local needs in a cost-effective and environment-friendly manner for Various low and ultra-low heads (up to 3m falls). Our Range of Mini & Micro Hydro Turbines starts from 250 Watt up to 1 MW.